Our Team

Zamir Foundation is run by Afghans for Afghans. The great benefit here is that we have both the local and international expertise, insights and networks to make the limited resources we have go further.

Our team is made up of experts in agriculture, wholesale and supply chains with experience in advising organisations like the UN World Food Programme on what the best time to buy food is to deliver the greatest benefit for local farmers. This level of expertise means we are well-placed to negotiate the best rates and to buy effectively for the benefit of the wider Afghan community.

Whilst we value the incredible work of international aid organisations, being Afghans certainly offers advantages. On a practical level it means we don’t need to spend money on interpreters and offices and other overheads, which means a greater share of the money donated is going directly into helping those that need it most.

The fact that most of our funds have come through our own networks has enabled us to get money into Afghanistan whilst international aid organisations have been struggling due to financial and policy changes on sending money into Afghanistan.

On an emotional level, almost all of our team have been displaced so we know exactly what help is needed and crucially, we know what it feels like to be in this position. The life that made us is what makes us want to do this and with this experience and empathy we have the best opportunities not only to help, but also to give people hope for the future.

Equally, we know only too well that every minute counts and, whilst some of us have had to leave, we know we simply do not have the luxury to rest and say we need to recover.

Getting up and trying to help others is what helps us to recover and in this way we hope to create a positive cycle of recovery for the wider Afghan community.

From this drop in the ocean, we create a ripple, but to save more lives we need to bring in a wider community of supporters. So, even if you can’t donate, please share our story with your friends and networks and together we can create a wave.