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Meet Sarah

Conflict has destroyed Sarah’s home, her father has been killed and her brothers seriously injured. With 90% of clinics in the rural and major cities are closed due to lack of basic medicines and supplies, they have been forced to leave their village and come to Kabul for help. Winter is coming and Sarah and her family are facing temperatures as low as -8 degrees celsius and food is scarce.

Sarah is one of over 10 million people struggling to find food in Afghanistan. Her world has been turned upside-down and she misses her home and her father.

Her mother is worried about her future, but her greatest concern is far more immediate and urgent: where can they get food and warmth this winter. Sarah is one of the two million children at risk of malnutrition (WFP 2021) and one of 664,000 people internally displaced between January and October 2021 (OCHA 2021). She is afraid, but she is also hopeful. If she and her family can get through the next few months, her family should be able to return to their village and rebuild their home and their livelihood. We know that she is right to be hopeful because we have been there and survived, but we couldn’t have done so without help. We know that recovery starts on the ground and we must pick ourselves up and help each other. The country has been cut off from USD 9 billion in central bank reserves as funding from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund has been frozen and government aid is becoming inaccessible. Multiple aid agencies have been unable to access funds leaving them no alternative but to pause, suspend and even terminate operations in many parts of Afghanistan, but we are able to continue to provide aid and, with your help, our support can go so much further. We believe that what starts with a drop in the ocean, creates a ripple that can become a wave. Find out how we work and donate now and together we can create a wave of change.

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