How We Deliver Aid

Our team is made up of experts in agriculture, supply chains, rural development, international development, sustainable development and IT

We are a team of Afghans, so we have strong personal connections to local shops, suppliers and wholesalers and experience to get the best value and support the community.

We know we cannot help everyone yet, so we are focusing on the internally displaced families.

  • We work with local community leaders to provide us with the list of potential beneficiaries to speed up the selection process to identify those in need who should receive help first.
  • We work with local shops and suppliers and wholesalers to source food and supplies.
  • We carry out surveys in these makeshift communities of displaced people and then provide vouchers to those we can help.
  • When we hear of families in need or they apply to us for help, we carry out identity checks to ensure that they are amongst the communities of displaced people who have left their homes and come to Kabul.
  • We then take their mobile number and call them later to arrange for them to exchange their voucher for food and aid.

Our programme is designed to grow and scale-up easily so with your help, we can do so much more.