Zamir Academy's family

Family of 60

60 children
Location: Kabul province
ID: 541
Last donation received on 12 Nov, 2023

Zamir Academy for Orphans is an orphanage, which is run by Zamir Foundation. Zamir Academy for Orphans was established in August 2022. The academy is mainly for orphans which provides them education and three times meals. Zamir foundation is running this academy by using the packages and donations of some generous people around the world. The families of these orphans are extremely poor and living in a very worst situation. They are unable to send their kids to either government or private schools. Most of these kids were collecting garbage and cans from streets. Their future seemed very dark. Zamir Foundation took this initiative and provided these kids an environment where they can learn, eat and play. They are now in safe hands. Zamir foundation is not and will not be able to do such great work of humanity without your donations, therefore, it is a very humble request to donate and help these kids in building their great and bright future. Your donation goes to one of the greatest works of the planet Educating and Feeding a Child. Please go to and donate.

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