Mansoor's family

Family of 9

3 children
At least one family member is chronically ill
Location: Kabul province
ID: 538
Last donation received on 18 Apr, 2023

The family consists of 9 family members, including 3 children. They have no own house, because they can't pay any rent. So the owner of the house accepted that they stay there as housesitters, as long as he is in another country. They live in very poor circumstances, because they have no regular income. Mansoor, the big son of the family, tries hard to sell some water on the street, but most of the time he makes no money, sometimes just 50 Afghani ($0,56). With that amount you can’t feed a family. Before the fall of the previous government, Mansoor and his brother were used to work wherever they could find a job. His father worked as a construction worker, but now they are unemployed. So mostly the family stays hungry and they also have no food stocks elderly parents and one of Mansoor’s sisters have rheumatism and his grandmother recently had a stroke. Both sisters suffer from heavy toothache too, but the family has no money for any kind of medical treatment.

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