Dr Zia Zamir - Olive Tree Residential Child Care Ltd

Zia started out as a helicopter pilot working for the UN (D.E.S.A.) in Africa. After retiring from the UN, he turned to the educational sector, where he managed schools overseas, following both the British and American curriculum. Zia then began focusing on care, and is looking forward to offering educational opportunities to children living in Olive Tree homes, where positive outcomes are the goal. Zia is also a trustee for a large educational academy trust in Staffordshire. A member of the Institute of Science and Technology, he is currently completing his Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management, and aims to complete this, along with the Level 8 Diploma by mid-2022. In his spare time, Zia enjoys rehabilitating rescued poultry and water fowl at his farm.

Established in 2021, Olive Tree Residential Care was set up to make a real difference to children's lives. We believe that everyone can achieve their personal best and should have something to aim for, and that by combining care and education, we can support children in achieving truly special outcomes. Olive Tree Residential Care is committed to ensuring that children achieve their best possible outcomes. We believe that our special educational provisions, combined with the excellent levels of care that we offer in our homes, mean that children all provided with opportunities to excel every step of the way.